Shooting Academy I.. April 22-23rd (Utah)…May 20-21st… June 3-4th
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Our mission is to provide you with the tools, training and motivation to dramatically improve your marksmanship and confidence while shooting and hunting. For some this will help them to get the most out of their participation in safe shooting sports. For hunters, it will dramatically improve your ability to make an accurate and humane shot in the field. And that may make the difference for a successful hunt and an excellent hunting adventure. The course will be held in the classroom and on the field at an extended range shooting facility. Here you will learn proper firearm safety techniques, ballistics, MOA, and how to compensate for the variables of atmospherics, terrain and wind. Participants will be required to provide their own transportation to shooting schools. Features: Rolling Bones Precision Shooting Course Manual- Rolling Bones Precision Range Journal- Rolling Bones Scoring Tape- Rolling Bones Window Decal- Cheek Piece with Utility Pouch Rifle and Hunt Brochures- Range time with a experienced instructor and a low pupil student ratio- The course starts Friday night at 5 pm Mountain time. Lodging options are, Days Inn, Hampton, Holiday Inn among others. We meet Sat morning at 8 am and travel to the range where we will shoot until 5pm. A field lunch will be provided. Bring plenty of water or NA beverages, and snacks of your choosing.

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  • RBO PRECISION HUNTNG SCHOOL- Spend a weekend with the Rolling Bones Crew and use the skills for the rest of your lives!- What to look for in a Long Range capable shooting system- Equipment selection and design- How to maximize the potential of what you already own- Action Selection- Barrel twist and chambering- Pros and Cons of a muzzle break- Proper stock selection and fit- Trigger options- Ocular Focus- Parallax- First Focal Plane vs Second Focal Plane- Minutes of Angle- Reticle Choice- Creating a DOPE sheet- Rangefinders and options- Atmospherics and how it affects your shot- Shooting at angles- Shooting positions: Prone, kneeling, sitting, freehand and field positions-Build up a secure rear rest- How to setup your gun to fit you properly- Natural point of aim- Proper Cheek Weld- Recoil Management- Trigger Control- Follow Through- Bullet Selection- Shot Placement- anatomical considerations- Wound Cavity- Wind, how to read it and compensate for it- Video Analysis of long range shots time permitting.. Bipods and Shooting sticks- Ammo Selection- Ballistic Coefficient and terminal effects- Gear Choices for the long range hunter

List of essentials; SHOOTING SCHOOL CHECKLIST Greeting from Rolling Bones Shooting Academy, we are excited to have you join us for three days that will change your life. After this course you will be a more confident and competent hunter. This course goes on rain or shine so bring clothing appropriate for any range of conditions we might encounter. Rain gear, and layers are recommended. Here is a recommended gear list that you should bring with you, the better prepared with your own equipment the more enjoyable experience you will have. Rifle that is capable of shooting 1 MOA ( approx 1 inch at 100 yards.) Rifle scope with adjustable turrets. Recommended turret click value is 1/4 or 1/3 MOA. Anything finer or courser is not recommended. We advise the top end magnification to be 25 or less. Our favorite is 18 power on the top end. If you plan on using a scope with a ballistic reticle, please email the make and model at least two weeks prior to the class. Bring 200 rounds of the exact ammunition that you plan on hunting with. Eye Pro (required) Ear Pro (required, we recommend electronic: It allows you to hear verbal commands but offers outstanding hearing protection. Sport Ear is what the instructors wear) A BIPOD IS REQUIRED!! Bipod- 6-9 inch Harris, Atlas are very nice. We are utilizing the new carbon fiber Leupold bipods on our extended range shooting systems currently. They have a very secure adapter that screws into the bipod stud and and bipod has a strong magnet that allows you to remove it easily whenever you do not want to have it attached i.e.... through deep cover, or when using a scabbard. A rear shooting bag shooting sticks (we recommend Stoney Point or Hammers,) we never go anywhere without the collapsable sticks. They take up minimal room, and weigh very little. Daypack with snacks, water sunscreen, bug dope, sunglasses Shooting Mat Spotting scope with tripod Rangefinder Notepad and pen/pencils Things we would like to know from you are, Rifle make and model. The type, caliber, and grains of bullet you are bringing. If you know the twist rate and scope height of your rig please include that, if not we will show you how to acquire that information during the school. Please keep your caliber no larger than a 300 Mag. We recommend something that you can shoot up to 80 rounds per day comfortably.


2022 June Dates

Dates available

  • April 22-23rd St George Utah $0.00
  • May 20 & 21st $0.00
  • June 3rd & 4th SOLD OUT $0.00
  • RBO rifle rental

    Option to rent a RBO rifle for the shooting course field day.

    • RBO rifle rental $200.00
    • Hornady Ammo PKG 160 rounds

      Option to purchase ammo for the field day. 160 rounds of Hornady ammunition. Please list your caliber in purchase notes.

      • Hornady Ammo PKG 160 rounds $400.00

      • Available Dates

        May 20, 2022 - May 21, 2022


        • Member Price: $1,000
        • Non-Member Price: $1,250


        Black Hills of SD, South Eastern Montana and Utah, South Dakota, United States of America

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        Deposit 80% refundable 6 months prior to start date. 40% refundable 1 month prior to start date. No refunds under 1 month of the start date.


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