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The Rolling Bones Outfitters rifle systems are designed to be exactly that: a complete shooting system. The rifle, the scope, the ammunition, the turret all goes together to enable the shooter an enhanced, easier, more proficient system than any of the individual components by themselves. This is a range, dial and dump shooting system. Once you obtain the range, dial the Ballistic turret that has been cut to exactly match the ammunition for your rifle to the corresponding range and execute the shot. Our RBO IBEX system exemplifies quality and ready to go excellence. Featuring an American Rifle Company Nucleus Action with these features: Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA- 80 degree bolt rotation- Three toroidal locking lugs do not require lapping- Controlled-round feed extractor- Controllable Springfield inertial ejection- Exceptionally smooth- Corrosion resistant black nitride finish- Three anti-bind rails- Interchangeable bolt heads- Dual cocking cams- 100% cock on opening- Integral bolt handle- Ergonomic interchangeable bolt knobs- Keyed recoil lug, pinning not required- Pin-less interchangeable scope mounting rail is secured to the receiver by five conical-head, Torx-drive screws- 062 inch diameter firing pin tip for small and large primers, adjustable firing pin protrusion- Savage small shank pre-fit compatible barrel thread- M5 Bottom metal with 1 AICS style mags Carbon fiber Stock -Vertical pistol grip with a slight palm swell for enhanced trigger control and recoil management. -1" Recoil Pad -13.8" LOP -Trigger Tech Special trigger -Match grade hand lapped Paradigm carbon fiber wrapped stainless steel barrel -Side port high efficiency muzzle break -Precision Match chamber cut for high BC bullets -Leupold VX5 4-20X50 Scope featuring a 34mm tube mounted in quality rings and TMOA reticle -BDC turret calibrated to exactly match the custom ammunition specifically loaded for long range accuracy and terminal performance -Power throw lever -20 MOA per revolution -Side parallax -TMOA reticle -The shooting system is sighted in and ready to go

  • Rifle Catalog #: RBIBEX001


Mark5 HD3.6x18-44

High quality HD glass

  • FFP $195.00

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    • Available Calibers- 6mm Creedmoor: 6.5PRC: 7 REM: 300 PRC:

    Includes rubber sling, 40 rounds of precision ammo to match the turret on your scope Complete shooting system as pictured weighs in at approximately 8.5 pounds SA and 9 LA The barrel used in this system is revolutionary in the Carbon fiber market. The steel shank at the crown has been eliminated to even the heat distribution over the length of the barrel. This barrel is now considered the leader in the industry Some of the cartridges we have these chambered for allow for a shorter barrel and extremely portable, shoot-able systems. This rifle pictured is chambered in 6.5mm shooting a 125 grain bullet at approximately 3280 fps.


    • Member Price $7,250
    • Non-Member Price: $8,300

    *Pictures with upgraded scope and bipod. Bipod not included. Shipping included in the processing fee


    • Black base color w/ Tan web
    • Tan base color with Black web


    Ordering Online Steps

    • Sign up for an RBO Membership. Remember, members will instantly save hundreds on their rifle purchase. Then choose the rifle system you want. Select from caliber, color, optics, and hand configuration.
    • Choose your FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer. When you purchase a firearm online, it cannot be delivered directly to you. It must be shipped to a firearms store or dealer near you who has an FFL. To find one near you, give us a call and we can help.
    • Receive your RBO shooting system from your FFL dealer. Be sure to examine and inspect the rifle before you leave the store to make sure it meets your expectations.

    Because each RBO shooting system is built one at a time to your specifications please allow a few weeks for the rifles to be manufactured and shipped to the FFL of your choice. When picking up your rifle, please inspect it carefully for configuration, finish, and overall appearance. Once you take it home, itis considered a used gun and must be returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

    Refund Policy:

    Deposit 50% refundable prior to full rifle purchase.



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